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 New addition in computer science syllabus.

Easy internet surfing method for education development: -

1. By this educational research children can get education from internet more quickly. Development of any country depends on educated public. Education will be more effective in regional languages. Internet is the best way for this. Easy internet surfing program is the best way for education development.

2. Type in the address bar any three (3) keys twice, right to left and press Ctrl+Enter keys together. See picture and example : - (.com = Ctrl+Enter).

3. You will see your country languages. Select your language and get education.

4. After this you can read science, math, history, languages, etc which are available on internet.

5. Internet is the fastest way for communication.

6. Why is this important? Speakers of different languages are living in every country. Education is available on internet in every language but only on English domains. So, easy internet surfing method is very good option for education development in country.

7. Every one can approach on his language's content by this new technology.

8. Easy internet surfing will increase literacy in country. It is a good step to achieve 100% literacy.
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