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Image web tool is a Part of Computer Syllabus Now When internet was starting then “numbers” of computers had started. After some time many computers was using these “numbers”. These “numbers” was IP addresses. Now we are calling to these “numbers” IP addresses. After some time some inventor was chatting with each other for “names” of IP addresses. Now we are calling to these names "domain names".

Now, 99.99% famous names are in English language. So, 25% illiterates and 30% non-English people of world have facing language barrier problem.

Mr. Sanjeev Kumar founder of web tool said, "Google, Icann, and some others are trying to solve this problem. web tool is getting one more step for non-English contents also. Domain names have only one problem that alphabets of domain names are in English language. So people have hesitation. Think, if all domains are in Chinese or Arabic then how we will feel."

"I think try …

How to execute your billion dollar idea! Like

Execute your billion dollar idea! like                If you have an idea then your are creative person. It is first step of a business or invention. Role of this idea is only 10%. 90% value of Execution.
               Can Yoursite, Paytm, OyoRooms, Amazon, Flipkart etc. get advertisement by school syllabus? Like Microsoft !           Any company can do advertisement by investing MONEY. But company needs it again and again. Because people thinks that it is advertisement. So, any competitor can come in market any time by investing money.

          Big companies can not do advertisement by investing money. They adopt a way that they include their invention in School Syllabus.

          Student brain is empty. Student can learn and catch new things easily and permanently. It gives free and permanent advertisement to product.

  has approval to include his content in School Syllabus (Computer Science Books). It is already included by Haryana Educati…