Students are reading name of in school books like Bill Gates, Newton, Einstein.

Students are reading name of in school books like Bill Gates, Newton, Einstein.

               In our word 3 billion people are non English. When they wish to open these websites they need to type address like, Google, etc in address bar. But if they are non-English they cannot type in address bar. found web tool to solve this problem which is very useful for Hindi, Chinese, Arabic users and non-English users.

             How to solve this problem by web tool: Press any three buttons twice right to left from keyboard like or ppooii and ctrl+enter. You can see search engine of Google in

         After this you will see this picture given below:

               Now you can click on any language which you want. For example: - Hindi. Now open box of characters of that language which you click.

          Kumar said," can also do 50% solution of this problem by pasting a web tool of".

An Indian web development tool found by Mr. Sanjeev Kumar in 2007. It works on basics and Education Development. Its web tool approved by many educational boards for syllabus.

Executing : We are executing web tool by computer syllabus because web tool is approved by many educational boards to include it in syllabus and we are working on it since 2007.

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